Next Meeting:    June 11, 2019
Meeting Time:  General Meeting: 6:00 PM. 
​Meeting Place: White Cliffs Senior Living
                         3600 Peterson Road
Mohave County Gemstoners
P.O. Box 3992
Kingman, AZ 86402
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                                                         Minutes of the General Meeting May 14, 2019

Call to Order: 6:30 PM
Pledge of allegiance: Led by Danny. After which we introduced ourselves to someone we did not know.
Treasurer report: John B was absent; Gary B gave statement. 
Gary B thanked everyone for participation in Show effort. We had a great Show and everything went very well. Everyone was happy with outcome.
Membership: Aleta announced 47 paid members, and we had 4 guests tonight.

1.Made members aware that we had been approached to do presentations, made it known that we would be doing some brainstorming on this in the future.
2.Bob Johnson had CD about opals. He is just back from Australia and we watched the CD. Australia is the single biggest producer of opals. Many things can be opalized: shells, trees, fossils. 
3.We looked at some rocks under the microscope tonight. Jack had some Gem Silica. Beautiful.
4.Break. Sang Happy Birthday and ate cookies.
5.Recognized Minerva and all she does. Asked for a volunteer for just a couple of months to help her out with her many responsibilities at this job.
6.Field Trips: So far this month we have had our Show and Family Day in the Park. Next is Apr. 19th, Sun, the Honey Onyx Claim. Meet at the mine at 9 AM. Shovels, picks, gloves. Gave directions.
May 21st, Tues, the Mineral Study Group will meet at Ed’s house at 6:30 PM. 
May 31st to June 2nd, Fri through Sat is the Burro Crk Campout. We will meet in the Campground Friday and decide where we want to go Sat & Sun. No need to camp if you just want to go on the trips. Be at campground by 8:45, we will leave at 9AM.
June 6, Thurs, we will meet at Ed’s house to update the Constitution and By-laws. We will start at 2PM.
June 11th, Tues, we have moved the Board Meeting up to 4:45 PM to accommodate the new General Meeting hours. Due to White Cliffs locking their front doors at 6, we have decided to move the Meeting from 6:30 to 6. 
June 22nd, Sat, we are going after Squiggly Jasper. 
June 29th, Sat, we are going to have our quarterly Field Trip Meeting.
7.It was decided that we would have our regular Show Meeting after the General Meeting and Danny’s auction.
8.Door Prizes: Minerva drew 5 winners.

General Meeting adjourned: 7:30 PM.

Submitted by Mary Gann, Secretary

​                                                                                  Mohave County Gemstoners
                                                                                         2019 Annual Rock & Gem Show

After working months on making this the best Show ever-its over. And it was great. We received many compliments on how well we did. And we couldn’t have pulled it off without the help of our Members. 
From our Greeter’s Table to our interactive and educational Kid’s Booth, the best Vendors ever, and our awesome Display Cases. The People’s Choice Award went to Ed Huskinson. His display of Fluorites from around the world was awesome.
It all started with Chuck & Gail pulling our trailer to the school and John B, who walked the magnetic sweeper back and forth repeatedly to rid the lot of pesky nails. Friday morning, we had a great bunch of Members who unloaded tables & totes, staged the tables, skirted everything, and setup the Display Cases. This daunting task was made to look easy and organized by Jim & Nedra, Jack- did the work of two people, John S-who crawled around under tables with electrical cords, Danny, John B, Tom and Gary G. 
This was such a great group that, although we were shooting to be done by noon, we were able to let the Vendors start their setups by 10:30. With all the little details that had to be taken care of, this was amazing. Thank you.
Next came the actual setup of our Club tables. Gary B, Gary G, Tom, John B, Sue and Lois got the Silent Auction, Door Prizes, and Kid’s Booth ready for action. No small feat. Again, many little details. Thank you.
John B and Tom were the main Security team. Which entailed everything from bringing in our Dunkin Donuts in the morning, to mopping up messes, bathroom detail, answering questions and directing people, making coffee, attending to Vendor’s needs, etc. Gary G, having served at many of our Shows, did some of everything. He spent all three days fixing anything that needed fixing-and there was a lot. Thank you.
Paul put in two long days of filling in where needed-and he was needed, and then, after helping with tear down and loading the trailer, he came back Monday morning at 6:30 to pull our trailer back to its spot at ABC storage. John B also showed up to help. Thank you.
Several people showed up to help where they could: Gene helped with Security; Deb took a turn at the Greeter’s Table. Our younger Members, Jillian, Jacob and their friend, Morgan, came in to lend a hand at the Kid’s Booth, and ended up staying all day. They did an excellent job. Thanks guys! 
Tim Mooney, Chuck & Gail, Jim & Nedra were there on Sunday afternoon for tear down to help the Members who were there the whole weekend: Gary G, Tom & Sue, Gary B & Lois, John B, Paul, Danny, and Jack (in spirit).
Everyone had a great time and every Vendor said they are planning on coming back next year. We received a lot of compliments & are were asked to do presentations at Clubs and schools in the Kingman area in the near future. (We will need volunteers for this, too).
If I missed anyone, I guess I can blame it on ‘old age’ and the fact I am very short and may have not seen everyone. Please excuse me, because everyone who helped was so greatly appreciated.