Next Meeting:   February 9, 2021
Meeting Time:  General Meeting: 6:30 PM
​Meeting Place: Kathryn Heidenreich Sen. Ctr.-1776 Airway
Mohave County Gemstoners
P.O. Box 3992
Kingman, AZ 86402
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Mohave County Gemstoners
Agenda General Meeting Jan 12, 2020

Call to Order:6:35 PM
Pledge of Allegiance: Paul
Treasurer’s Report:Treasurer’s report was given by Gary B.
Membership Report: Minervia was absent.

Silent Auction: Items with auction slips only. You will be able to see and bid throughout the meeting. At the end of the meeting Paul will announce the winning bids.

1.For those who don’t know about the Bowling Alley: We had our first event Sat Dec 12. It was cold and windy. Very. Gary manned the Membership table. We had handouts and the gumball machine. Next time we may have the Spin-the-Wheel. We were located at the front near the sidewalk and the Bowling Alley sign. Good visual for our club sign. The spaces are roughly 10’ X 20’ and $20 per space. Last time we opened at 9 and were froze out by noon. However, we did have customers and most made sales. Most of the people who came had seen Bob’s announcement in the Daily Miner. As the weather gets warmer, we can extend the hours. We should have our badges at this event as the Bowling Alley will give our participating Members 15% discount on food and beverages. 
The idea of having a selling event in Feb was voted down due to the freezing weather that makes it miserable for the vendors and keeps most people away. We will talk about this again as the weather warms.
2.We met Bob & Donna Regner a couple of weeks ago, we purchased some Az Highway Magazines. There were also other vintage magazines, some on lapidary. 
Bob is the President of the Rocky Mtn Federation, which we belong to. He and Donna offered to take us out should we decide to make a field trip to Albuquerque. This would be a 2 or 3 day trip as the drive is about 7 hours one way. 
Until we get over that way, we were thinking about doing a rock exchange with their club. There was favorable discussion on this topic, however, what to send and when to send it was not decided.
3.Trip Meeting: Quartzsite was briefly discussed and Gary B offered to show Members around if they call him before going down. He would meet them in Quartzsite, since he will be there for the next two weekends. 
Other trips that were decided on:
Feb 6, Burro Creek area, meet at Bashas, we leave at 8AM.
Feb 20, Castle Mountain, meet at Denny’s in Searchlight. Will leave lot at 8AM.
Mar 13, Cactus Run, meet at Power House. Will leave at 8AM.

Door Prize drawing.

Submitted by 
Mary Gann, Secretary

Sometimes it isn't just about the rocks. It is about getting together, spending a day interacting with nature, letting your mind wander as much as your feet. On exploritory trips to places we have not been before, it is about seeing what nature has to offer. She has a lot to offer: soulful peace, creative images, great exercise, and opportunity for getting to know other Members and share ideas.