Next Meeting:        June 14, 2016
 Meeting Time:  General Meeting: 7:00 PM.  

Mohave County Gemstoners
P.O. Box 3992
Kingman, AZ 86402
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The Assembly of God Church where we meet is at 4605 N Arnold Rd off Stockton Hill Rd.
Show Appreciation:
    The Webmaster put in writing a nice appreciation statement for the Club and Vendors. I have been advised that an appreciation statement should be from the Show Chairman. Sorry for the delay. 
    Pre-show thanks go to John Bowen for early publicity work and Danny Schacht for spreading the work in the final days before the show. John Smith was busy acquiring door prizes from local vendors. Ed Huskinson was busy lining up displayers and was aided by Mike Schoenfuss. Technical aid came from Gary Gann on all the requirements. 
    Both pre-show set-up and all work pertaining to the Geology Knowledge and Fun Room were done by Becky and David Frybarger. The club Kid's Booth was set-up and worked by Debora Rasmussen and Robert Harrel. John Bowen helped in these functions. 
    Show set-up was primarily done by Temporary Laborers. But, the following helped: Danny Schacht transported the storage trailer Thursday and Monday. Gary Gann worked and provided expertise all day Friday. Chip Manion and others skirted tables.
Show duration functions were managed by Mike Schoenfuss, Gary Gann providing technical aid, Gary Bolles providing audio, John Bowen and Robert Harrell providing security, Ed Huskinson and Mike Schoenfuss for the display cases, the Geology Knowledge and Fun Room run by the Frybargers, and The Kid's Booth run by Debora Rasmussen. 
    Thanks again. If I overlooked anyone, I am truly sorry. I hope next year's show will find the same dedicated helpers.
Bob Pedersen, Show Chairman

General Meeting Minutes May 10, 2016

Call to order by President Bob Pederson @ 7 PM.
Pledge of Allegiance 

Ed introduced Amanda Kaufman of the Mohave Sheriff's Search and Rescue Squad. In Mohave Co. there are about 100 people in four ground units and 1 air unit. They work with 4 Wheel drive vehicles, ATV's, Airplanes, and Helicopters to rescue people and remove bodies from the desert. No matter how reckless or irresponsible people are they are not charged for the resources used to find and rescue them from the danger they have managed to put themselves in. Most people rescued take care to prepare themselves for the likelihood of accidents in the wilderness, but sometimes this is not enough. Amanda gave safety tips for off roading in the desert. 
The people who work these rescue teams buy a lot of their own equipment, and the rest is purchased with money from fundraisers and grants. This month's  Guest Speaker was very interesting and informative. Thanks Amanda!

Membership Report: 45 paid members. This month at the General Meeting we had 23 Members and 3 Guests. 

Field Trips:    The Anderson Mine trip is May 22, and the Petroglyphs trip is June 5.

We need someone to volunteer as Club Secretary til the end of the year.
Also, we will continue to meet at The Assembly of God Church.

We will have a Show meeting along with the Board Meeting at the Library on Tues June 7. We will go over any issues that anyone would like to address. Any observations or suggestions are welcome. The Meeting is at 6:30 PM.

Door Prizes: John, Mary, Wayne, and a guest, Bill were all winners tonight.
Meeting was adjourned at 8 PM.
2016 Rock & Gem Show

Our Rock Show was a great place to be last weekend. Although there was a lot going on in our little town, the Mohave County Gemstoners had their fair share of foot traffic. The weather was kinder than first anticipated-very little moisture! It all started with Danny pulling the Show Trailer to the School.  Bob and Gary were there early Friday getting the gym ready for vendor setup. By Friday evening more than half were ready to go, and everyone was ready by Opening hour on Saturday morning. So many familiar faces among our vendors it was like old home week! Thank you so much for your upbeat and friendly attitudes that helped make this show so great!
Through the weekend we saw tireless efforts from many of our members. Gary Bolles who manned the microphone and kept the Show moving right along. A special thanks to Gary who did an outstanding job.
 This year we were fortunate to have the addition of the Kid's Geology Room, set up and manned by David and Becky Frybarger and volunteers from their Head Start Program. There were so many interactive projects to entertain and educate, fascinating and delighting the kids as well as the adults. 
Another great focal point were the Display cases, most set up by Club Members: Ed and Aleta, Bob, Mike, Gary and Mary, and Vendors Scott Lewis and Sandy Amazeen. 
On Mother's Day new Members John and Minerva brought beautiful roses in to give out to the Mothers. Such a sweet gesture. Thank you!
​New Members Bob and Debra not only manned their own booth, Rocks to Riches, but also set up and manned the Kid's Booth, and Bob served as Security, too. 
My attention was focused on our booth at the Show and Gary was often helping with the Show, but I remember seeing Wayne and Arlene, Tom and Sue, Lois and her family, Jeannie B., Mary B., John and Laraine, Dawn M, Bev S and other Members that helped out and supported in the success of the Show. Thank you.
Thank you to the Members that volunteered and showed up every day, like Bob, John B, Gary, Mike S, Chip M. Setting up, putting up signs, sweeping and mopping, bathroom duty, etc. John S. for putting in many hours and many miles securing donations for the great Door Prizes we were able to give away every half hour. To our vendors who generously donated to the Door Prizes and the success of the Show.
Thank you to everyone who had a part in contributing to our Mohave County Gemstoners Rock and Gem Show. We are overwhelmed and grateful to everyone.

We will be reviewing the Show and how it went @ the Board Meeting in June. See Events page.
GEMSTONERS Program, June, 2016

   For those of you who have not been able to attend the annual Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, we will be able to gain a sense of this event vicariously by watching a video provided by the top end collectors and dealers there. Initially, we will concentrate on some of the satellite shows and dealer displays from last year’s show. We should come away from this presentation with an appreciation for the finer offerings of the mineralogical world. The program is hosted by Mr. David Wilber, noted mineral enthusiast from Colorado.
  The program will start at 7:00 pm on Tuesday. June 14th. As usual, we will be meeting at the First Assembly of God Church on Arnold Street, just south of the large Church of the Nazarene (which fronts on Stockton Hill Road).
We look forward to seeing everyone there.