Next Meeting:   Aug 11, 2020
Meeting Time:  General Meeting: 6:30 PM. 
​Meeting Place: Centennial Park- West end Ramada
Mohave County Gemstoners
P.O. Box 3992
Kingman, AZ 86402
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In November we were lucky enough to go to the privately owned Kokoweef mine, near Kokoweef Peak in Cal. There we collected some remarkable little stalagmites and stalactites, and some banded calcite. Steve, who hosted our visit, was great, telling some of the facts and fiction of the mine. We all had an exciting time and hope to go back in the spring.
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                                                                         Deborah Rasmussen

Sadly, on June 6th, a cherished Member of our Club passed away. Deborah Rasmussen was an active Member who was always ready to help when asked. She served on the Board of Directors, attended all the meetings, contributed at our Quarterly Trip Planning Meetings, went on our Field Trips, organized the Kid’s Booth at our annual Show, and helped in many other ways. The past few months her health was not robust but she was still a positive presence. Deborah interacted with many of our Members, she was always helpful and generous. She will certainly be missed by those who knew her and benefited from her kindness.

.Mohave County Gemstoners
Minutes of General Meeting June 9, 2020

Call to Order:6:30 PM
Pledge of Allegiance: Paul
Treasurer Report: Gary B.
Membership Report: No current report on paid members

1.Deborah Rasmussen passing on June 6 was announced to group. We had a moment of silence and shared moments spent with Deborah. She was an active Member, serving as a Board Member, running the Kid’s Booth during the Show, and many other contributions in Club functions. Deborah will be missed by many. John P. made us aware of this sad event and our hearts and prayers go out to him and her family.

2.Tonight’s meeting was held in a Ramada at Centennial Park due to the restrictive rules at the Senior Center. Only 10 members are allowed in the facility, with only 2 people to a table. The park suited our needs better and the outdoor meeting was enjoyed by everyone. Out of the 14 members who were present, most brought masks, 4 wore masks.  

3.We had a great Show & Tell segment. Minerva brought beautiful colorful crystals she has been working on classifying and putting in specimen boxes. Ed shared some fossils in different matrix he has acquired. Mary brought wall hangers, jewelry, and pencil holders made from Saguaro, Teddy Bear Cholla and Staghorn Cholla that was collected on a ‘Cactus Run’. It was very interesting. 

4.We put dates to Field Trips that members would like to go on.  

June 20> Sat> Burro Creek- Mary's Wash
June 27> Sat> Cedar City, Utah

July 18> Sat> Kokoweef Mine in Cal.
July 24 - 26> Flagstaff / Holbrook

Aug 8> Sat> We are going to make a cactus run
Aug 22. Sat> Cottonwood Rd. 

Sept 12> Sat> Mushroom Jasper SE of Quartzsite
Sept 26> Sat> Hualapai Wash

Door Prizes: As we were not set up for this, we did not have drawings tonight. We will have Door Prizes at the next meeting.

Adjourned: 8 PM
Submitted by Mary Gann, Secretary