Next Meeting:      Feb 14, 2017
Meeting Time:  General Meeting: 6:30 PM. 
​Meeting Place: White Cliffs Senior Living
                         3600 Peterson Road
Mohave County Gemstoners
P.O. Box 3992
Kingman, AZ 86402
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Regular Meeting AgendaDate: December 13, 2016

1.Call to order: 6:33 pm

2.Pledge of Allegiance: 6:34 lead by John Bowen

3.Treasurer report: Gary Gann gave the treasures report

4.Membership report: Elita, we are up to 76 members. Announced birthdays Mary and Gary 

    Gann. Also pick up your badges, and order one if you need it. Magnetic are now available.

5.Board meetings: nothing new to report

6.Annual dinner: Alita confirmed we will be having the meal at Golden Coral Jan. 3 at 6pm. 

    This will replace our regular monthly meeting.  

7.Elections: John Bowen presented the slate of officers . 

    President - Ed Huskinson,

    Vice President – Mike Schoenfuss.

    Treasure- Danny Schacht.

    Director- Aleta Huskinson. 

    Secretary- John Bowen.

    Sargent of Arms- John Sarvwatari. 

A motion was made by Laraine Smith to accept the slate as is, 2 nd by Gary Gann. Motion carried ,     no decenters. 

    Out going President Bob Pedersen hand over the gavel to our new President Ed Huskinson.  

8.Field trip report: John Smith is retiring as Field trip Chairman, Thanks for all the hard work 

    you put in John. The trip to the honey onyx claim went well,21 people attended and     

    collected great pieces. Thanks to Mike and Gary for organizing. The Little Mica Claim trip 

    was attended by 18 members . Another great trip beautiful weather collecting. Bob 

    Pederson discovered large garnets, Bill Wilson found a arrowhead, 3 to 5 thousand years 

    old. Thanks to David Frybarger for allowing us on the claim.

    Ed will need a trip to a perlite area in March 2017

    Bob Pederson agreed to be the new Field trip Chairman , thanks Bob

9.We had no volunteers for the open house.

10.Show meeting report: Danny Schacht agreed to pull the trailer to the show grounds. There  

      will be a trailer clean up day on Dec 19 9am.

11.New business: Mike Schoenfuss thanked Bob Pedersen for all the hard work and time he 

      put in to get our Club back on track the last 2 years.

12.Door prizes were handed out to the lucky winners. 

13.The new officers for 2017 were sworn in after the elections.

      The are as follows: President: Ed Huskinson 

                             Vice President: Mik Schoenfuss 
                                     Treasurer: Danny Schacht 

                                     Secutary: John Bowen 

                                     Past President: Bob Pedersen