Next Meeting:      March 13, 2018
Meeting Time:  General Meeting: 6:30 PM. 
​Meeting Place: White Cliffs Senior Living
                         3600 Peterson Road
Mohave County Gemstoners
P.O. Box 3992
Kingman, AZ 86402
This page was last updated: February 24, 2018

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PROGRAM, April 10th, 2018 

Pat McMahan, noted agate authority

    On Tuesday, April 10th, the Gemstoners will be visited by Mr. Pat McMahan of Cottonwood, Arizona. Mr. McMahan has collected agates worldwide for 30 years, and has written an authoritative book on the subject, illustrated with examples of agate from his collection (which consists of more than 8,000 beautiful specimens from more than 550 locations world-wide). There are more than 1250 of his choicest agates illustrated in his book. Many agate collectors have acquired their stones from dealers or on the internet, whereas Pat McMahan has dug/collected most of his agates himself. He will have copies of his book for sale after his presentation on “The Agates of Arizona”.  
This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about agates from a renowned authority on the subject. We hope to see you there.

   Mohave County Gemstoners MINUTES OF THE MEETING 1/9/18

1.Called to order: 6:36pm

2.Pledge of Allegiance led by our new Sergeant-at-arms, Mary Gann.

3.The Christmas party was a success, we passed a card for everyone to sign in appreciation to White Cliff Senior Living for allowing     us to have it here.

    At the generalmeeting: 

    a.Mindfulness of time: 8:00 end time of meeting or earlier, except for when we have the auction, which will last no longer than  8:30.
    b.We will be giving out (5) door prizes (only) every meeting.

4.If you are going to Quartzsite, please take flyers to pass out for our Gem & Mineral show. Also pass out to businesses. Aleta has      flyers. Our show is May 5th & 6th, information will be posted on the website. 

5.Minerva Sarvwatari is our new greeter.

6. We no longer need a need a webmaster, as Gary Gann has stepped up for that position.

7.Show information- Chair Bob Pedersen
    a.The chair Bob has applications. 
    b.See Ed or Gary if you are interested in volunteering We will hire temporary laborers for set-up and tear-down.
    c.We may need security.
    d. Deborah Rasmussen will be doing our kids table. 
    e.Displays: see Ed, or talk with Bob if interested.

8.Albuquerque: Treasures of the Earth 2018 show is coming up March 16-18.

9.Contact Gary Gann. 928-757-8121 if you have interest in going to Mushroom Jasper claim about 150 miles from us by  Wickenburg.     You can dry camp if you like, bring your equipment. Also there are geodes close by. Will  discuss more at the Feb meeting.

10.We also have a claim near Kingman of honey onyx. That claim is in good standing.  

11.We are going to plan a trip to McCracken/ Keenan Camp: we have found fluorite, amethyst and other items of lapidary interest there. 

12.Treasurers Report: Danny
13.Membership dues need to be paid for 2018, please pay Aleta.
      a.We have 90 members
      b.$20 family couple 
      c.$15 Individual
      d.$5 Student 

14.Mineral study group meeting next week see Ed or Bob Pedersen for more details.

15.Studying crystals and crystal forms in the study group.

16.Tucson show starts Feb. 8th at the Tucson Convention Center. 2nd best in the world. 

17.Motion to approve meeting minutes for November- Gary made motion - Mary G 2nd. Passed by vote

18.Door prizes (5) were awarded 

19.Formal meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm as some members have time constraints. We then proceeded with the auction of donated       items for everyone who could stay. All business was concluded by 8:25 pm.