Next Meeting:        Feb 9, 2016
 Meeting Time:  General Meeting: 7:00 PM.  
Guest speaker this month will be BLM Buzz Todd.
Mohave County Gemstoners
P.O. Box 3992
Kingman, AZ 86402
This page was last updated: January 25, 2016

The Assembly of God Church where we meet is at 4605 N Arnold Rd off Stockton Hill Rd.
General meeting Jan 12, 2016
Bob Pedersen called the meeting to order at 7:05pm.
Pledge of Allegiance
Program – Ed Huskinson
 Presentation on mineralogy.
o Ed was kind enough to bring
 Several native specimens
 Gold, silver, copper, mercury, meteorite, sulphur, carbon, bismuth….
 Mineralogy Handout
 Buzz Todd next month program – answer outstanding questions (?)
Break 5 minutes 7:55 to 8:03pm.
Regular meeting
 Motion to approve last month meeting minutes. Minutes approved
Membership – Huskinson chairman.
 Guest introductions
o Nelson Gaska – Buffalo New York – Chemist and photographer.
o Trent Szabo - Past President of the club
o John Campo - far enough from Las Vegas 
 New Members
o Richard Swineford and Roberta Byington – From Indiana moved to Arizona
o Ralph – Colorado Springs snow birds. Down in Golden Shores for the season.
 Annual Dues 2016 are due – mail in to the PO Box.
 Birthdays and anniversarys
o December and January Birthdays. Happy Birthday/Anniversary!
 Get Well Card for Lew – He’s at the Gardens doing rehab recovering from the traffic accident.
 Badges – Required for meetings. See membership chairman
o T-Shirts with our logo available at Lee’s Uniforms by the New Safeway. Take your badge and get it put on the T-Shirts as well. They also have caps.
Field trips – Open House
 Jan 9th field trip to Buckskin Mountains
o Very nice trip except the road was closed for the race. Plan B was implemented. Plan B was a little rough but all had a good time.
 Jan 31st Burro Creek – meet at Bashes @ 8:00 am.
 Feb 21 open house in Dolan Springs @ 1:00 PM - 14844 Elm Dr.
 Mar 6th McCracken Mine (Need the time to meet updated on web page)
 Mar 20th Aquarius Mountain (Need the time to meet updated on the web page)
Show Update - 2016 Rock & Mineral Show
 Displays see Ed Huskinson
 Volunteer slots are still available – check the web or see Bob Pedersen
 Hiring labor to do setup and close – See Bob Pedersen
 Find Catering for food – thinking food trucks outside the venue.
 Knowledge Table – see Bob Pedersen
 Kids Table – need lots of help for Deborah: Bring things to regular meetings or to open house.
o Sand dig – lots of stuff to put in the sand
o Wheel of Fortune (polished slabs, fossils, rocks and minerals)
o Grab Bags (polished rocks & minerals) (someone to make bags)
o Showcase – need samples
 Greeter Table – see Mike
 Publicity – John
 Raffle – see John Bowen for prize donations
 Security – see John Bowen
Door Prizes
 3 prizes tonight donated by Mary and Gary Gann. A huge Thanks!
Motion to Adjourn the meeting. 8:45 pm.
Jeannie Bowen is our Club Secretary. She puts together the agenda for each Board Meeting and General Meeting. If there is something you would like to suggest or have discussed she is the one to tell. Please make sure you submit your ideas 1 week before the meeting. As Jeannie works, the best way to submit your thoughts is by email:   Please put 'Club Business' in Subject space so she knows it is from a Club Member.
A warm welcome to Richard Swineford, Roberta Byington, and Ralph.