Next Meeting:      Feb 12, 2019
Meeting Time:  General Meeting: 6:30 PM. 
​Meeting Place: White Cliffs Senior Living
                         3600 Peterson Road
Mohave County Gemstoners
P.O. Box 3992
Kingman, AZ 86402
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Mohave County Gemstoners
General Meeting Minutes Nov 13, 2018

Call to Order: 6:30 PM
Pledge of Allegiance: Led by Sargent -at-Arms.

1The voting for elected officials. Procedure: Everyone lined up and received a ballot from Gary B., filled the ballot out, and deposited it in a special ballot box contributed by Danny S. After the last person voted, Gary B. and Bob counted and tallied the votes while Ed H. did his presentation.

2Guest speaker: Ed Huskinson had a slide show on Crystals. Many colors and sizes. Different locals, but especially from Mexico. The slide show was spectacular, with Ed’s unique humorous recitation on the how, where and who he acquired the crystal or the pictures from. With the ability to zoom in on the pictures Ed was able to point out the delicate and intricate structure of the spikes and cubes.

3Treasurer Report: Danny

4Membership Report: We recognized two guests and currently have 84 Members.

5Announcement of new officials: The newly elected officials for 2019 are: Gary Bolles-President, Gary Gann-Vice -President, Mary Gann-Secretary, John Bowen-Treasurer, Danny Schacht-Sargent-at-Arms. The new Board members are: Minerva Sarvwatari and Deborah Rasmussen.
We would like to thank Ed Huskinson-President, Danny Schacht-Treasurer for their service as elected officials through the last few years.

6We have the new tables neatly stored in the trailer. We are going to mark them with paint and stencils before the they are set up in the gym for the show.

7Birthday months will be celebrated each month with cake, cookies, donuts-or some goodies. The Birthday Members will be recognized and serenaded with the traditional song. 

8Anyone interested in buying a Ticket for the Christmas Dinner was directed to see Danny.

9We are going to take a look at updating the Club Constitution and By-laws. We need a committee to meet a couple of times to accomplish this task. This, actually, should not take more that a few hours at one meeting.

Door Prizes: Minerva
Meeting Adjourned: 8:05

Submitted by Mary Gann, Secretary

*****  Show Donations for Silent Auction and Door Prizes  *****

At the February Meeting we will have a container for donations that will be used in the Show as items to be auctioned off in the Silent Auction, or for use as Door Prizes. As we usually auction off about 5 items every 1/2 hr, we will need approximately 150 items to cover the weekend. Door Prizes are given out every hour, so we will need approximately 15 items for this. If your donation requires identifying, please attach a tag stating what it is and approximate value. Does not necessarily need to be rock related. If you work with wood, glass, clay, leather, feathers, metal, beads, chainmaille- we would love to have something from you. A Business Card can be included with the items. It takes all of our Members to make this Show a success. Thanks.