Next Meeting:   June 8, 2021
Meeting Time:  General Meeting: 6:30 PM
                           Board Meeting: 5 PM
​Meeting Place: Senior Center on Airway.
Mohave County Gemstoners
P.O. Box 3992
Kingman, AZ 86402
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Mohave County Gemstoners
Minutes of the May 11, 2021 Meeting

Call to Order: 6:10 PM

Pledge of Allegiance: Paul

Officiating at this Meeting were Gary Bolles, President, Gary Gann, Vice-President, Mary Gann, Secretary, and Paul Woodard, Sargent-at-Arms. Board Members Bob Bouley and Ed Huskinson were also present. 
Membership consisted of Brenda, Jack N, Barrie, Jack B, Rob B, John P, Gail & Chuck C, Daina S, and Jeff B.
Non-Members were Bob Pederson.
It was announced that due to lack of participation the Club would be shutting down. Various reasons, Covid chief among them, had caused the number of Members attending the Meetings to drop drastically. With no one willing or able to take any elected offices our Club could not continue.
The general consensus, voiced by the Members, was that they did not want the Club to shut down. Gary B went through the list of elected offices that needed to be filled, and as people stepped up, they were voted into the positions. By the end of the night we had a full roster, as follows:
Ed Huskinson- President, John Paster- Vice-President, Bob Bouley- Treasurer, Brenda Blahut- Secretary, and Paul remains as Sargent-at-Arms.
Committees: Ed Huskinson- Program, Barrie Berry- Trip Coordinator, Daina Sandhop- Membership, Mary Gann will continue as Web Master, Bob Pederson- Show. 
With everyone voted in, Gary B, Gary G, and Mary G tendered their resignations to Ed Huskinson. 
At the June 8 Board Meeting at the Senior Center, more detail will be forthcoming as to what particular duties of each office entails, as well as committees and the Constitution and Bylaws. The Meeting will start at 5PM, followed by the General Meeting at 6:30 PM.
Submitted by 
Mary Gann, Acting Secretary