Next Meeting:      Dec. 11, 2018
Meeting Time:  General Meeting: 6:30 PM. 
​Meeting Place: White Cliffs Senior Living
                         3600 Peterson Road
Mohave County Gemstoners
P.O. Box 3992
Kingman, AZ 86402
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Mohave County Gemstoners
General Meeting Minutes Nov 13, 2018

Call to Order:6:45 PM

Pledge of Allegiance:Led by Sargent at Arms.
​Treasurer’s Report:By Danny S.
Membership: 82 paid members, 2 guests in attendance.

Old Business:
1     Past President, Bob Pederson, took nominations from the floor for our elected offices: President-Gary Bolles. Vice-President- Gary Gann and Connie Van Kampon. Secretary-Open. Treasurer-John Bowen. Sargent-at-Arms-Bill Dickinson and Danny Schacht. For the Board of Directors: 1-2yr position to finish out Jonathan W.’s term that ends 2020- Minerva Sarvwatari, and 1-3yr term that will expire at the end of 2021-Deborah Rasmussen. 

2    Tickets for Dec Christmas Dinner at Golden Corral. $14.99 per non-Member, $7 per Club Member. Everyone planning to attend should bring a wrapped gift which may or may not be rock related. Danny sold tickets at the end of this meeting, and will have them on hand at Dec’s General Meeting.

3    Tables: Going ahead with purchase, all old tables are gone. We are purchasing tables from Sam’s that will be picked up by Gary B and some helpful members. They will take the Club trailer down to Bullhead, and new tables will be stored in place of the wooden tables that were sold.

New Business:
1    Our Club Show is 5 months away. We are going to need over 100 items for the silent auction and to use as door prizes. Does not necessarily have to be rock related. Something handmade from wood, metal, glass, etc. would be excellent. We can use polished rocks for prizes, kid’s booth and the silent auction. We will have a container at the Jan Meeting to start collecting these items. Please do not donate throw-a-ways. After January we will only have 3 months to collect items. If you find you have something that cannot wait until a General Meeting, call Gary Bolles @ 757-8535 or Gary Gann @ 7578121 and we will come pick it up.

2    Field Trip on Nov.24. More info on the events page of the Website. 

3    The By-Laws were changed when Mohave County Gemstoners took over sole proprietorship of the Honey Onyx Claim. The hard copy was changed; however, this was not reflected in the online version. This will be corrected.

Door Prizes were awarded to 8 lucky members by Minerva.

Thank you to everyone who brought pies in for the Meeting. They were great.

Meeting was adjourned: 7:32 PM.

Submitted by Mary Gann, Secretary

Elections at the December 11th General Meeting:
At the Dec Meeting we will be electing our Officers for 2019.  The nominees and their positions will be announced and then paper ballots will be filled out, collected and counted. In the event of a lack of opposition, the candidate is considered elected. Nominee for President: Gary Bolles. Nominees for Vice-President: Gary Gann, Connie Van Kampon. Nominee for Secretary: Open. Nominee for Treasurer: John Bowen. Nominees for Sargent-at-Arms: Danny Schacht, Bill Dickinson. 
We also have two Board of Director's positions open. Nominee for term ending 2021: Debora Rasmussen. Nominee for term ending 2020: Minerva Sarvwatari.