Next Meeting:    Sept 10, 2019
Meeting Time:  General Meeting: 6:30 PM. 
​Meeting Place: Kathryn Heidenreich Senior Center
                         1776 Airway Ave
Mohave County Gemstoners
P.O. Box 3992
Kingman, AZ 86402
This page was last updated: August 29, 2019


Amanda & Joelle from BLM were our speakers in Aug. They brought with them a desert tortoise, Pokey, who was neither pokey nor bashful. He had the run of the place. Oreo, a Bull Snake who was very mellow, and a Mohave Green Rattlesnake. They made for a fun and interesting night. Hope to see them again.
                                                                          Mohave County Gemstoners
                                                           Minutes General Meeting Aug 13, 2019

Call to Order: 6:30 PM
Pledge of Allegiance: Led by Danny, Sargent-at-Arms
Speakers: Amanda & Joelle from BLM. This was a really fun presentation. They brought a desert Tortoise, a Bull Snake, and a Mohave Green Rattlesnake. The Tortoise, Pokey, was very much at home. He had the run of the room and enjoyed all the attention he received. Oreo, the Bull Snake was a very mellow fellow as well. With chocolate and white coloring that inspired his name, he was really pretty. The Rattler was under lock and key and although he was interesting, he did not get the same attention paid to the friendly reptiles. Amanda and Joelle were great and everyone wants them to come back in the future.
Treasurer Report: Given by Gary B., President.
Membership Report: Aleta introduced guests and reported that we have 51 paid Members.
Field Trips: Our next trip will be to collect agates and jasper in the area just North of Lake Havasu. We will meet at the Power House at 6:45AM. 4WD.
It is looking like the Bonito Campground outing over Labor Day Weekend will be postponed as several Members that want to make that trip have prior engagements.
The Fallon Trip will be discussed at the Sept. Meeting.
A few people brought in rocks to examine under the microscope. This is set up at every Meeting so that everyone has a chance to see their rocks up close.
Nothing new to report at the Show Meeting so this will be skipped after the Auction.
Minerva handed out Door Prizes to 5 lucky people.
There will be an auction after the Meeting for those interested in bidding.
Adjourned: 7:35PM
Submitted by Mary Gann, Secretary