Next Meeting:    Jan 14, 2020
Meeting Time:  General Meeting: 6:30 PM. 
​Meeting Place: Kathryn Heidenreich Senior Center
                         1776 Airway Ave
Mohave County Gemstoners
P.O. Box 3992
Kingman, AZ 86402
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Amanda & Joelle from BLM were our speakers in Aug. They brought with them a desert tortoise, Pokey, who was neither pokey nor bashful. He had the run of the place. Oreo, a Bull Snake who was very mellow, and a Mohave Green Rattlesnake. They made for a fun and interesting night. Hope to see them again.
                                                                          Mohave County Gemstoners
                                                           Minutes General Meeting Oct 8, 2019

Called to Order: 6:33 PM
Pledge of Allegiance: Danny was absent so John led Pledge.
Treasurer Report: Gary G gave report.
Membership Report: Aleta was absent, 53 paid members.

1.Brought up the upcoming field trips: Oct 23-Holbrook. Gary & Lois are going up to pickup some large pcs that they purchased and will make a field trip out of it. They will be leaving the Bashas parking lot at 7 AM, so members wanting to go should be there by 6:45. There will be a pit stop half-way up, and another stop at Gray’s Rock Shop before continuing to Dobell’s Ranch. Be advised there are no public restrooms on this private property. This is a day trip and you should be home by 5 or 6. 4WD is not necessary. This is a pay to dig, most rock is already above ground, but you can dig. Tim, Ed, Deborah & John, John S, David & Donna expressed interest in this trip.
2.Oct 26, Sat, Kokoweef Calcite Mine trip. This is privately owned and a pay to dig. They charge $20 for a full 5 gal bucket, and $10 for half full. They would like us to provide our own buckets. We are leaving the Denny’s parking lot in Searchlight promptly at 8 AM, so those planning on eating should get there early. The owners said the earlier we get there, the better. 4WD is advised. Tim, John & Minerva, Deborah & John, David & Donna all expressed interest in this trip.
3.On our Wonderstone trip, David & Donna came back with a beautiful piece of agatized wood. They dug it from the wash below where Ed was parked. Next trip up there we might want to dig in the wash and search the area beyond.


4.We touched on the Bagdad Mine Tour. We are setting it up for Nov 16, a Sat. We did not get a true count, so we will revisit this again at the Nov. Meeting. Only 5 vehicles permitted to enter mine property, tour starts at 12:30. Not clear on particulars at this point, Gary will call and get more clarification by next meeting.
5.Quartzsite: Discussed a group trip to Quartzsite during the Pow Wow, when most vendors will be there. Tom & Sue spoke about what the Quartzsite rock club does during the 5 days of the Pow Wow.
There is Prospector’s Park, Tyson Wells, and Desert Gardens to wander through, along with the Pow Wow vendors. There are also vendors and display cases in the QIA building. There is a cafeteria, and a sandwich window to feed people. This trip would be the 3rd week in January, so we will discuss this again at the Nov. Meeting.
6.John P brought in some Wonderstone he had slabbed, David & Donna brought their petrified wood and slabs and cabs of their Wonderstone, and Tim brought in some rocks he had collected. Everyone that went on the Fallon trip considered it a success.
7.The Christmas Get Together was discussed. Several options were brought up and the consensus was that the Golden Corral was a good place. Everyone was agreed that we could hold it on a week night as long as we gave the working members time to get home and clean up and get there. 6:30 PM was thought to be a good time. We will look into availability and prices for next Meeting. It was decided that the date, Dec 10, for the reg Gen Meeting would be a good night.
8.We talked about the auction at the end of the meeting. John S has Danny’s money. We need someone to continue the auctions. Paul and Gary B were suggested. Nothing was settled, Gary B was not there to defend himself.
9.Minerva did the Door Prizes.

Adjourned: 8:20 PM

Submitted by Mary Gann, Secretary

Happy New Year!!
January's Speaker is Jim Collis, an archaeologist, and recently retired from BLM. So, you know that Jim will have interesting tales on his travels around Arizona and beyond. Jim discovered the oldest ship wreak in North America and also found the old salt trail in Arizona. This should be another great educational talk from our friends at BLM. We learned a lot from them last year and look forward to another interactive year in 2020..Our Meetings are open to the public and we encourage anyone interested in Jim's presentation to attend.