Next Meeting:      January 11, 2018
Meeting Time:  General Meeting: 6:30 PM. 
​Meeting Place: White Cliffs Senior Living
                         3600 Peterson Road
Mohave County Gemstoners
P.O. Box 3992
Kingman, AZ 86402
This page was last updated: November 15, 2017
MINUTES, Meeting, 10-10-2017

 The meeting was called to order at 1829 hrs., and John Sarvwatari, the sergeant-at-arms, led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Two newly-joined members (Jack and Charles) and a guest (Gary Bon) were acknowledged. Mary Gann began her presentation on "Turquoise and Turquoise Artisans of the Southwest" at 1830. A short break followed from 1930 until 1940 hrs. Upon resumption, Bob Pedersen presented a slate for new officers and BOD members.  His proposal concerning a change in the Vice Presidential duties was tabled until the November meeting. A short discussion on the club's Mineral Study Group then ensued, and it appears that there will be two or three new members. Danny Schact then delivered a short Treasurer's Report to let us know how much money was in the treasury as well as in the coffee and auction fund.  Because the secretary was out sick with the flu, there was no reading of the September minutes. Aleta Huskinson reported that the club now has almost 90 members. We then discussed the Alpaca Farm Days, noting that everyone there had a great time, that several people indicated interest in the Gemstoners and had carried membership applications home. We acquired several new members there, including John and Sandy Schamp. John works in southern California at the 20 Mule Team Boraxo Mine, and he indicated that he plans to be able to have the club over for a tour and to collect borate minerals there. Bob Pedersen then discussed field trips, opening up the floor to gauge peoples' interest in going to Lion Spring to collect spessartine garnets in rhyolite lithophysae. Minerva Sarvwatari was very interested, as were a few others, so, despite the rough access (4X4 is absolutely necessary to climb the road up to Lion Spring), it was decided to take this trip on October 28th.  meeting at the Trading Post in Wickieup at 8:00 AM.  There is also interest in searching for meteorites in the Franconia strewn field which straddles the Franconia exit (I-40). This field trip is scheduled for November 18th. It is strongly suggested that you bring (and use) a metal detector at Franconia.
    Christmas Party: Aleta Huskinson has made up festive tickets to be given to those members who plan to attend the Christmas party and who have paid their portion of the cost. Cat Van Kampen went over the menu again, and everyone was reminded to bring their money to the November meeting as we have to have a final headcount (and monies) to the White Cliffs personnel as soon as possible.  Furry Friends Donations: a coffee can is kept at the front desk to help offset the cost of the White Cliffs' little dog's expenses, primarily food.  That can had been carried up to the meeting, and some coins and a few dollar bills were put in. We also plan to help with KPD,s canine program by contributing toward the cost of their dogs' expenses as well, so there will be a can earmarked for that purpose at the November meeting.  We hope to have Pat McMahon from Cottonwood, AZ up to talk on agates in November or January. Pat is a world renowned expert on agates, having written a book on agates that is filled with hundreds of color photographs of specimens from his collections. He would talk on agate collecting in Arizona, with particular emphasis on the agates of Mohave County. If he is unable to make it then, we will see him for sure in March or April of 2018. Because the position of Show Chairman has become vacant, we are not confident that we will even be able to have a show next May. We will have an advance show meeting on Tuesday October 24th at White Cliffs. We will meet in the room just off to the right when you come in the front door of the facility. This will determine whether or not we will even be able to put on a show. Interested parties, (those who are willing to help) are invited to attend.  Our club is growing, so its possible that we could run out of space/chairs to accommodate a large crowd. Gary Gann and I met with the director at White Cliffs to see about a larger room. But no, our present is the largest they have, so the alternative is to put in more chairs. We will probably be buying 15 or 20 padded-seat folding chairs before the end of the year. Watch for good deals at Walmart, Costco, etc.  Door prizes were awarded, and 11 items were autioned off for approximately $98 by Danny Schact. Meeting was adjourned at 2112 hrs.

Ed Huskinson, secretary pro tem

The next day, Wednesday, October 11th, the BLM hosted public discussions on “…the Development of the Kingman AreaTravel Management Plan. Ed Huskinson, Mike Schoenfuss and Valerie Tavenner were in attendance, so the club was well represented. The BLM is trying to determine just what roads are being used and for what purposes. Valerie pointed out that when we raise our concerns as a group, presenting a united front, we carry more weight than we would if we are a disjointed mob. So she has volunteered to put our voices into a managable format for the BLM. Here’s her email in that regard: 

  Thanks to everyone who showed up at the BLM meeting to comment on BLM route use. We have 60 days to give input on the routes that are important to our rockhounding or other uses. They want to balance recreational use with protecting critical environmental areas, cultural and historical sites and avoid maintaining multiple routes to some areas. This is not like one of those massive closures for "national monuments". They assured us that historically this district typically leaves as much open as possible and that there are ways to balance uses without total closures. But, this is the time that they want to know what is important to us. Please include mines that are important collecting sites. 
 Matt Driscoll, the recreation planner at BLM is going to send me an Excel spreadsheet for club comments on areas and specific roads that we want to stay open. I will enter your comments onto this or you can send your own comments to BLM per directions given below. One overall report from our club will be an organized way for us to get our voice heard and the Excel template that Matt is sending me will work directly into their survey system. They do not give more weight to numerous members giving the same comments. This central report can also become a great data base for club outings. 
Matt is also printing a large map for me/us to use at the next meeting. We will give about an hour or more to commenting on these areas. I will have papers in which you can note concerns on the following "districts"










A detailed map of these areas with BLM road #s is available by going to: 
Links and instructions are given on this page to give online or paper comments.

Everyones' help is appreciated. Divide and conquer may be a good way to tackle this project. Perhaps we can put one person in charge of collecting comments and noting road #s for each district. Any volunteers for an area that you are familiar with? -- call or email me: Valerie Tavenner 206 375-3144 I can spearhead the CROZIER district, as I will be moving to Truxton and have started to explore up there.  
It would be great if you can all look at the BLM site and at least start listing collecting sites that come to mind for each area. Bring your lists to the Nov. meeting so we can compile concerns. 

Let's keep it OPEN! Thanks.
Valerie Tavenner
206 375-3144