Next Meeting:       Dec 13, 2016
Meeting Time:  General Meeting: 6:30 PM. 
​Meeting Place: White Cliffs Senior Living
                         3600 Peterson Road
Mohave County Gemstoners
P.O. Box 3992
Kingman, AZ 86402
This page was last updated: November 25, 2016

Rock Club Meeting November 8, 2016

Call to order at 6:33 pm. Bob Pederson

Pledge of allegiance

Program: 1 st DVD on Geology put on by Gary Gann

Ten minute break

Treasure report was given by Gary Gann 

Membership report, Aleta . we are up to 63 members

Board report: nothing new

Annual dinner: Aleta will coordinate the dinner this year We talked about going to Golden Coral in Jan.
Field trips: Newberry Mnt Xls trip was attended by 20 members . Beautiful day not many crystals

  Honey Onyx claim , around 18 members helped dig out then cut the onyx with our saw. Great onyx was distributed to all. We had a fun day of collecting and visiting .

  Little Mica Claim, Sun Dec. 4

Bob asked if anyone was interested in having a open house , no response

Show report: Bob and Mike are working on the 2017 Show Contraces Have been mailed out. We will need volunteer’s for the Show , will get a signup sheet soon.

Nomination Committee report. Was given by Gary Gann 

New Business: Debra would like a field trip or program on using metal detectors.

Door prizes where given out.

Meeting adjourned at 7:33pm