Next Meeting:   August 10, 2021
Meeting Time:  General Meeting: 6:30 PM
                           Board Meeting: 5:30 PM
​Meeting Place: Senior Center on Airway.
Mohave County Gemstoners
P.O. Box 3992
Kingman, AZ 86402
This page was last updated: July 17, 2021

Door Prize Winners:
Chris W
Gary G
Lauri B
Mohave County Gemstoners- Minutes of General Meeting July 13, 2021

Call to Order: 6:30 PM
Pledge of Allegiance: Paul Woodard
Treasurer’s Report: Bob Bouley
Membership Report: Daina Sandhop reported 26 paid Members.
Show Report: Bob Pedersen
Field Trip Report: Barrie Berry- Next field trip is to Claim, July 25, @ 5:30 AM. See website.

Officiating at this meeting were Bob Bouley, Treasurer, Brenda Blahut, Secretary, Paul Woodard, Sargent-at-Arms. Board members Jack Benedict & Jack Norton were also present. Absent were Ed Huskinson, President, and John Paster, Vice-President.
Membership consisted of Lauri B, Bob P, Jeff B, Daina S, John & Minerva S, Barrie & Amy B, Sue & Tom B, Doug T, Gary & Mary G.
Guests at the meeting were Jack Barnett, Tracy, Karla, and Christopher Wertenberger, Mimi Feinberg. Thank you for joining us!

Membership Drive: Was discussed at length. The Club will have a booth at the Saturday Market, downtown Kingman, every Saturday from 8:00 AM to 12 Noon. A prize wheel has been donated to the Club, which will have rock prizes for anyone spinning the wheel. Startup should be in the next couple of weeks. Daina S to confirm our spot. Thank you to Bob B, Jack N, Jack B and Barrie Berry for donations of tumbled/ rough rocks for prize wheel.
Club Emblem: Brenda showed samples of Club Emblems from past and current years. Asked for participation in possibly creating new patches & stickers. 
Program: Barrie Berry was our speaker tonight. Barrie spoke of the origin of turquoise and had many samples of Turquoise. Demo on water formation.
Displays: Dendrite dig rough finds & Chalcedony Desert Roses.
Door Prize: Five winners of door prizes. Silent Auction was successful.
Refreshments: August- Sue B and Mary G.
Adjourned: 7:40 PM

Submitted by Brenda Blahut, Secretary

Hot July Birthday Buddies: 
Laurie Pederson
Rob Bagge
Here's to you and wishing you the best!!
BIG Thank you to everyone who donated to make the  Door Prizes and Silent Auction successes!! And, to Daina and Brenda for the refreshments, as well.
For the little things that people do that make things possible- a pot of coffee, donations for Door Prizes or Silent Auction, leading a field trip, leading a Meeting, a helpful suggestion or a thoughtful question. If you stop and consider how many little things are done at our Meetings, in the space of an hour, it is amazing. Who picked up the key so we would have access to the building, and who waited until everyone was done to lock up? Who brought in rocks for Show & Tell, and who lugged in all the refreshments? Who wiped the tables and put the chairs back in place? Who greeted new people and guests and made them feel welcome? Who suggested a field trip, and who led it? Who made the Meeting Agenda that keeps our Club on track? Who arranged the items and auction slips and took care of the Silent Auction? And more. If you cannot answer these questions you should make an effort to find out and thank them for what they do. It’s a little gesture that does so much. It makes the ‘thanker’ feel as good as the ‘thankee’. It brings people together and it is a learning experience for both. 
I say it a lot, though, I didn’t used to. I thought it was silly to thank someone for doing what I considered ‘their job’. But, with the people I admired doing it, I thought I would give it a try. I found that even if something was somebody’s job, the fact that they did it made me appreciative of that fact. I began thanking people for little things and big things. It expanded my world in many ways. Give it a try.