Next Meeting:   As of Mar 19, we are unsure about the April Meeting. Check back for future info.
Meeting Time:  General Meeting: 6:30 PM. 
​Meeting Place: Kathryn Heidenreich Senior Center
                         1776 Airway Ave
Mohave County Gemstoners
P.O. Box 3992
Kingman, AZ 86402
This page was last updated: March 19, 2020


In November we were lucky enough to go to the privately owned Kokoweef mine, near Kokoweef Peak in Cal. There we collected some remarkable little stalagmites and stalactites, and some banded calcite. Steve, who hosted our visit, was great, telling some of the facts and fiction of the mine. We all had an exciting time and hope to go back in the spring.
​                                                                    Mohave County Gemstoners
                                                         Minutes for the General Meeting- Jan 14, 2020
Call to Order: 6:35 PM
Pledge of Allegiance: Paul
Announce Silent Auction and how it will work: Items to be auctioned will be put on table with a slip describing item and the starting bid. Members can view the items and their bids throughout the Meeting. At the conclusion of the Meeting the winning bidders will be announced and monies collected. 
Speaker- Tonight we have Jim Collis, archaeologist and recently retired from BLM. Jim has had many adventures on land and under water, discovering some interesting items he might be telling us about tonight.
Treasurer: Gary gave balance.  
Membership: Aleta- 66 Paid Members
We will be getting hold of the Bagdad Mine and see if they have their Museum done and are giving tours of the mine again. If we can schedule something we will be announcing it and putting it on the website.
Jan 16- Thursday, trip to Quartzsite. There is a lot to see and places to go. Tyson Wells, Desert Gardens, Pow Wow at the QIA. The rock club, Quartzsite Roadrunners has daily field trips, demos, raffle prizes, and other things going on. There is free dry camping along 95 & I-10. Long term is 14 days. Research on the internet will yield more information and maps. We will meet at the Power House at 7:15 and leave at 7:30 AM. This will put us in Quartzsite about 10:30 AM. First stop in Quartzsite will be Metal Shop. From there the members can decide what they want to see.

Feb 8- Golden Shores for desert roses and selenite crystals. Meet at the Power House at 7:45, we leave at 8AM. It is on paved roads so 4WD is not necessary.

Feb 22- Burro Creek area. There is much to find in this area, it depends on what we are looking for. Agates, Pastelite, Brecciated Jasper, Purple agate. We will meet at Bashas at 7:45 and leave at 8AM. 4WD for this trip. 

 New format: we are going to break into 2 groups and tackle a couple of items that need our attention. The group as a whole is too large to effectively get everyone sharing ideas and suggesting things. Tonight we are going to have one group take on Field Trips, the other group will take Speakers. We will take 15 min and see what we come up with. 

Show: The preparations for our annual Show in May actually started in Oct. All the contracts went out and some of the advertising is already in place. We will be purchasing 3 more of the banner signs that we put up last year, and thanks to Tom Beilman, we have a great new wagon to pull our tables and display cases into the gym for setup. Gary is going to take the inflatable tires, that are always flat, and replace them with solid tires. 
Each year we go to the local businesses in town and ask for donations for the Show. These are used as Door Prizes and on the Silent Auction. If there are any Members who know a business owner they can ask for a donation, that would help a lot. We have regular Donor request letters that have our Tax ID # on them. This way the Donor can use the value of the item for tax purposes. We also list all donors on our website, we announce them during the Show, and they are on a Donor Board at the entrance of our Show. 
If any of our Members who are in the Show donate for this, it is a good idea to include your business card and Booth # with the donation. 
We have quarter page, half page and full page flyers to announce the Show. If any of you are going to be attending any Shows before then, you could take some of our flyers and hand them out. The more we get the word out, the better our attendance.  

Gail-Door Prizes
Move to adjourn: 8:10 PM
Submitted by Mary Gann, Secretary