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Meeting Time: General Meeting will be @ 7:00 PM @ The Assembly of God Church. Board Meeting is @ 6:30PM.
Mohave County Gemstoners
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To remove the position of Membership Chair and consolidate it into the duties of the Treasurer and the Executive Board.
Amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws:
Article VII
Section 3
Add duties of Membership Chair to the duties of Treasurer
Treasurer – shall be responsible for the keeping and maintaining of financial records and reports of the Club in proper order. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the paying of bills or invoices for expenses incurred in the running of the Club. The Treasurer shall deposit receipts, assessments, fines, dues, funds collected by any Chair and other monies due.
The Treasurer shall furnish a written financial report to the Board, at each meeting of the Board, as directed by the Board and these reports may be audited at the pleasure of the Board. A mandatory audit will be conducted within thirty (30) days prior [December] to the installation of the new Treasurer. An annual operating budget shall be prepared by the outgoing Treasurer, with the assistance of the incoming Treasurer. This budget shall be approved and may be amended by the Board. The Treasurer is prohibited from providing any reimbursement to any committee or person who has not received prior approval of expenditures by the Board – there will be no exceptions.
The Treasurer shall be responsible for collecting membership and badge fees. Responsible to maintain a membership roster that is timely and accurate. New members are introduced and given a membership packet which shall include a copy of the Little Gems Newsletter, Constitution, By-Laws, Standing Rules and Appendixes.  Club members are responsible to keep the Treasurer informed of any changes of address, e-mail address and phone numbers.
Amendments to the Standing Rules:
Article I
Section 1 & subsection (a)
Replacement of ‘Membership Chair’ to the appropriate office; Treasure or Executive Board.
Applications – shall be made by completing an application form, approved by the Board and submitted to the Treasurer with the dues and badge fee. The Treasurer shall review the application and submit same to the Board with a recommendation for approval or denial. The Treasurer shall report to the Board the number of new applicants. At the next regular meeting, the Executive Board shall introduce the new members to the Club.
(a) The Treasurer shall then present the new members with a copy of the Constitution and By-Laws and Standing Rules. The Treasurer shall also present the new members with their membership cards, badges.
Article 1
Section 3
Replacement of ‘Membership Chair’ to the appropriate office; Treasure or Executive Board.
Life Membership – shall not be conferred lightly, but shall be reserved for those members who have held at least one or more offices, worked or headed two or more committees, or have made a significant contribution to the Mohave County Gemstoners in terms of service as opposed to purely monetary contribution and has been a consistent member for at least fifteen (15) years. Process for determining the honor of receiving a Life Membership is as follows:
1. Name of nominee will be submitted to the board for consideration and determination if the nominee meets the qualifications.
2. A qualified nominee will be submitted to the Club membership, after a review of the Board, to determine if a Life Membership shall be bestowed by a vote of the membership.

Article II
Section 1
Removal of sub-section (b) ‘Membership’ and relabeling of all following Committees.
Section 1: Standing Committees – Field Trip Coordinator, Show, Refreshments, Web Master and Property Manager. Vacancies in any of these committees will be filled by a Board member.
In no case will financial reports or member’s addresses be published in the website. Financial reports are available by appointment with the Treasurer for inspection upon request by any member.
(a) Field Trip Coordinator – shall have at least one (1) field trip monthly. Planning meetings should include trips for a three (3) month period and should be held quarterly. Scheduled trips are to be published in the Little Gems Newsletter and announced at both the Board and General meetings.
(b) Show – shall be responsible for the overall coordination of the Annual Show. Chair has no authority to commit Club monies without Board approval. Solicitation of any donations cannot be guaranteed reimbursement. Show date is to be in the month of April. Exhibitors in the Show are to be non-competitive and no appropriate exhibitor can be excluded. Member Dealers shall pay the same fees as non-member dealers. Refunds are per signed contract. Contracts shall be approved by the Board prior to any contract being sent out. Contracts for the Show venue will be negotiated with at least one (1) Board member being present. The obtaining of food items will be coordinated between the Show and Refreshments Chairs. Food items bought or donated will be placed on the Refreshments Chair’s inventory.
All Show Meetings are open to the membership, transparent, with the names of the vendors, table space required, status of each account as to payments made and floor plan present at each meeting. A detailed schedule of events prior to the Show, during and after the Show will be essential to the overall success of  the Show. Monies from each of the five (5) booths belonging to the Club will be only transferred from that booth to the Treasurer by the Security Team only. Final accounting for the Show will be by the Treasurer and the Security Team.
Layout of the tables will be conducted by the Operations Team. Overall layout will be supervised by the Security Team to insure as much of the possibility of theft is minimized as possible.
(c) Refreshments – shall be responsible for the operation of the kitchen for General and potluck dinner meetings. A running total of monies collected and inventory will be kept on a monthly basis and available to the Treasurer and Board at all times. Inventory of sale items during the Show will be coordinated with, but is totally separate, with the Show Chair. At the Show, consumable inventory will be monitored, showing what was deducted and an accurate accounting can be made for both the committee and the Treasurer. A copy will be submitted to the Secretary for archiving.
During each meeting where refreshments are to be served, the Chair shall be in attendance at all times. Prior to any meeting, a refreshments area will be set-up and maintained in an orderly fashion. After the meeting, all tables will be wiped down, sinks cleaned, kitchen mopped and all garbage removed from the building.
(d) Web Master – shall be responsible for overall management of the Club web site: . The web master shall provide the ―Host‖ with a credit card number as to have the ―Host‖ account paid for. Current arrangement is to pay for the account on an annual basis and be reimbursed by the Treasurer.
(e) Property Manager – shall be a member in good standing who is selected by the Board as a minimum to conduct the annual inventory and trailer inventories prior to and following the Annual Show. Without further Board authorization, the Property Manager may sign out (with a property receipt) cases, related hardware or tables to members of the Club. Members borrowing any Club property will be responsible for any damage or replacement of borrowed property.
Section 2: Special Committees – Budget and Audit.
(f) Budget – shall work with the Treasurer in accomplishing a realistic budget he/she can work with. During the budget process, Standing Committee Chairs and outgoing Treasurer shall aid in submitting expense information that would be vital to an accurate budget. The committee shall be formed immediately after the Audit has been completed and the budget completed no later than February 28th.
(g) Audit – shall consist of a minimum of three members, one being the incoming Treasurer, and shall audit the Treasurer’s books before they are passed on to the incoming Treasurer. This committee shall be appointed by the Board at or before December’s regular meeting.
Section 3: Ad Hoc Committees – shall be formed by the Board when the need arises to serve a specific purpose and once completed, shall be abandoned.