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Children of all ages are always welcome to attend our monthly meetings. They must be accompanied by a parent or another adult member.

Some of the items that you will find interesting are:
1. Talking with the members before and after the meeting.
2. Viewing the minerals and lapidary items brought each meeting.
3. Listening to and participation in the monthly talks from experts.
4. Trading and receiving specimens of rocks and minerals from local and other locations.
5. Going on the monthly events with other members and your parents to collect, observe nature and the different geological areas.
6. Enjoy the website and read about the club, it's history.
by Robert Pedersen

The-Dana System of Mineralogy is a system where minerals are identifed, locations in the world, properties etc. of every know mineral.

One of our club members, Robert "Bob" Pedersen has taken the Dana system and updated it. He has added the new minerals each year since 1995, about 100 new minerals a year for the past 15 years and included them in an Excel file called X-Dana
He has given permission to put the file on our website for all to use and download.

This is a wonderful addition and he continues to add the new minerals yearly to X-Dana

You can open the file with Microsoft Excel or get a program from Open
Click on the above file to view or download.
Show Information 2019
 Click on Show-Contract.pdf next to this box for printable Vendor Application if you would like to be in the show. Contract will have all pertinent information on it. Print out and fill in blanks, mail to address on top right of contract. 

Kingman Academy Of Learning 
3420 North Burbank Ave 
Kingman, AZ 86409 

Nov 12> Tue> Board Meeting @ 5:30PM, followed by the General Meeting @ 6:30PM. David Simpson has agreed to bring in some of his crystals and rocks collected for years from a lifetime of job sites. Ed will be identifying the questionable specimens and we will examine some with our digital microscope.

Nov 19> Tue> The Mineral Study Group will meet @ 6:30PM at Ed's home. This month they will be going over the Basics of Rock Collecting. Contact Ed @ 757-8228.

Nov 23> Sat> We will be collecting Fluorite from two different locations near McCracken Mine. This is a 4WD trip. Meet at the Power House @ 7:45, we will leave at 8 AM. 

Dec 10> Tue> This year we are having our Christmas get together on our reg Meeting night. We will be at the Golden Corral and have the large back room reserved for Tuesday night, starting @ 6:30PM.  The price will be between $5-$7. The final details will be announced at the Nov Meeting. We will definitely be having our Gift Exchange so come with something wrapped. Does not have to be rock related, but keep in mind we are a rock club that loves to go on field trips.

Dec 14> Sat> We are going to the Grand Canyon Caverns. Meet at Bashas at 7:30, we will leave at 7:45.It is about 65 miles from Kingman on paved roads. We will go on a tour and then dine in the restaurant down in the caves.  

Dec 17> Tue> Mineral Study Group meets at 6:30PM at Ed's House. Contact Ed at 757-8228.

Jan 14> Tues> Board Meeting @ 5:30PM, followed by the General Meeting @ 6:30PM.

Jan 16> Thurs> A trip to Quartzsite during the annual Pow Wow. There are hundreds of vendors that converge on Quartzsite during January and February, but the Pow Wow is when most are present. There is much to see and the little town is crowded, so patience is helpful. Quartzsite is about 3 hours from Kingman.

Jan 21>Tue> Mineral Study Group, 6:30PM @ Ed's home. Contact Ed @ 757-8228.

Feb 8> Sat> We are going to Golden Shores for desert roses and selenite crystals. This is on paved road until you get to the site, but 2WD is adequate. Meet at the Power House @ 7:45, we leave at 8AM.

Feb 11> Tue> Board Meeting @ 5:30PM, followed by the General Meeting @ 6:30PM.

Feb 18> Tue> Mineral Study Group meets at 6:30PM @ Ed's home. Contact Ed @ 757-8228.

Feb 22> Sat> Burro Creek area. There is much to find in this area. 4WD. Meet @ Bashas @ 7:45, we leave at 8AM.

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Dealers who will be in our 2019 Show:

Maillestorm Designs-Sandy Amazeen- Meteorites, wire wrapped jewelry, jewelry making supplies
Danny Schacht-  Rocks, cabochons, turquoise rings, Fire Agate.
Neal Sabani-Gemstones set in Silver.
Walter Johnson Minerals- Walter & Cathy Johnson- Minerals, books, jewelry
Mined Stones 4 U- Minerva Sarvwatari-  Lapidary and jewelry products
CDS Limited-Charlotte Sangick-  Slabs, rough, cabs, gemstones, onyx
Grampa Don's Rocks-Don Wininger-  Rocks, mineral specimens, slabs, hand made jewelry
Teel's Redneck Rocks- Richard Teel-Boulder Opal cabs, Bumble Bee Jasper cabs, Lemon Quartz, Crystals, and more.
Grounded Lifestyles-David Lovoie- Pink Amethyst, Lemon Quartz, Herkimer Diamonds, tumbled stones, and more.
NSGS Rocks-Wayne Scott-Petrified wood, rainbow obsidian-rough & slabs
EarthStone Jewelry-Cal & Anita Stroud- Innovative hand made Jewelry from Opals, rocks, and Dichroic glass. 
One for the Lord- Cecil & Candy Newell-Stone beads, caps, jewelry, faceted stones.
Arlene & Wayne Glover-Cabs, wire wrapped cabs, hand crafted necklaces and earrings.
DMV Coins-Leonard Deutsch- Meteorites, stamps, vintage items.
Shirley Darga-Rock rough, slabs, cabs, Jewelry.
Gem Art Center-Helen Serras-Herman- Famous for her work in gems and precious metal, Helen has studied in countries such as Greece and Germany. Her work in carving sculptures and jewelry resides in museums and private collections around the world. She has been in the major Gem & Mineral Shows across the States. If she is not an active vendor she is giving educational talks or writing articles for many popular Lapidary Magazines. For some interesting sights and stories you can go to her website at Gem Art Center.
JOLT Hat Designs-Liz Thielen/ Jerry Ortega-American made & Veteran owned, Denim Cowboy hats, purses, bags. Hand made, will do custom work. A great new design.
KGS Lapidary & Jeweler's Supply-Jerry & Patsy Kastner-Lapidary equipment & supplies, jewelry tools, findings, Jewelry. 
Catalina Blue Gem-Jared Ayers- Handmade Silversmith Jewelry and Gemstones.
Creative Rock Hunters-Joe & Colleen Young-Rocks, Rock holders for display, Gems & Jewelry, Lamps, Home Décor.
Holley's Wire Works-Holley & Chris Mousley-Unique wire wrapped Jewelry, Cabs, Slabs.
Misty Mountain Gems-Bill & Linda Horton- Gems, Minerals, Jewelry, Carvings.
Luadra Minerals- Ed & Aleta Huskinson- Rocks, Minerals, Handmade Jewelry, Pottery.
Rocks to Riches-Deborah Rasmussen-Beads, findings, Rocks, Minerals.
Stones of Taos-Greg Smith- Jewelry, cut stones, rough stones.
Artful Expressions-Gayle Schnell- Hand crafted Jewelry.

Rockhounding 101
1st Aid Kit-Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. Cactus, sharp rocks, stinging or biting bugs are constant.
Spare Tire-Always have a regular spare tire, aired up, and the tools to change it.
Full Tank-Always start the Field Trip with a full tank of gas. Most of our day trips will leave some in the case emergencies.
Food & Water-Always have water, at least a gal. Bring something to eat or snack on, you know your needs better than anyone.
Know your Heat Tolerance-Know your limits, do not go by someone else's abilities or limitations in the heat.
4WDAlways assume you will need 4WD and good clearance. Most of the places we go are off road, through sandy washes and up rocky inclines. Dealerships do not always outfit your 4WD vehicle with good off-road tires, check that your tires can bear the weight of a loaded vehicle over pointy rocks.
NOTIFY TRIP LEADER if you are going to leave the group. Do not leave this to others. The trip leader is responsible for everyone on the outing.
Tools for Collecting:
Rock hammer, Chisel, small Shovel, Saftey GogglesA hammer is paramount. A regular hammer will work, but, the preferred tool is a rock hammer with a striking face on one side and a pick on the other. Estwing is a tried and true brand. A chisel is important, and in a pinch, a sturdy screwdriver will do the job. A small shovel is not necessary, but can come in handy. Depending on how much effort you want to exert a full size shovel is good, a regular pick is handy, and a good long pry bar, pointed on one end and flattened on the other, can really be useful. Safety goggles can save your eyes from the chips that fly off of the rock you are beating.
Bucket or Bag- A 5gl or 2gl bucket will work, a bag or an old backpack is easier to carry. Just know what you can handle and do not rely on others to pack your rocks back to your vehicle.
Spray Bottle-This is very handy to see what you just picked or dug up. It is also good for a quick cool down, clean your hands, etc.
Hat & Gloves-The hat can provide shade for your face and block the sun from your eyes as you search for rocks. A good pair of leather gloves will prevent small cuts and abrasions, cushion the blow of a hammer or chisel, and help eliminate blisters and splinters.
Fun Facts to Know and Tell:
Never lay your hammer (or anything else) down and walk away from it with the thought you will find it again. Painting part of it with a loud neon color will let people know it is yours when they come across it. 
Don't pile "your" rocks and walk away. On the rare chance you locate the spot again, your rocks may not be there. No one is going to take them on purpose, but things look different in nature to others. Someone will think they just "lucked" onto a great find. When your bucket or bag is full, go and empty it and then return to collecting.
A whistle can be a life saver. It can summon others or help locate a stray.
Always be at least 10 minutes early to departure time at Field Trips. If the stated time is 7, be there at 6:45. This is the time to sign in and any last minute changes or info is given at this time. Always know who the Trip Leader is.
Local Businesses that donated to our event:

Dunkin Donuts                                                                   Valvoline Instant Oil Change
Arizona Game & Fish                                                        Jersey Mike's Subs
Golden Corral                                                                      Perfect Tint
Suz Salon                                                                               Cerbat Lanes
Brendon Theatre                                                                Flawless Tinting
FlashOver Graphics                                                          The Gold Lady
Kingman Chevrolet*Buick                                            Verizon
Hyundai                                                                                  Oyster's Restaurant
Martin Swanty                                                                     The Gun Shop
​ENVY Hair & Nail Salon                                                   Desert Archery
A & P Pawn                                                                            Thunder Rode
National Bank of Arizona                                              Anderson Auto Group-Ford Dealership
Burger King                                                                          Bank Street Guns
Stockton Hill Locksmith, LLC                                     Stockton Hill Tire
Cost Cutters hair salon                                                    Praxair
Budget Blinds of Kingman                                            Star Nursery
Hualapai Mountain Resort                                           NAPA auto parts
Anderson-The Lincoln Ford Company                   National Bank of Arizona
Tractor Supply & Co.                                                         Kettlehut's Antiques
Lee's Uniforms                                                                    Bureau of Land Management 
Please support our community minded donors!