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Children of all ages are always welcome to attend our monthly meetings. They must be accompanied by a parent or another adult member.

Some of the items that you will find interesting are:
1. Talking with the members before and after the meeting.
2. Viewing the minerals and lapidary items brought each meeting.
3. Listening to and participation in the monthly talks from experts.
4. Trading and receiving specimens of rocks and minerals from local and other locations.
5. Going on the monthly events with other members and your parents to collect, observe nature and the different geological areas.
6. Enjoy the website and read about the club, it's history and newsletter.
by Robert Pedersen

The-Dana System of Mineralogy is a system where minerals are identifed, locations in the world, properties etc. of every know mineral.

One of our club members, Robert "Bob" Pedersen has taken the Dana system and updated it. He has added the new minerals each year since 1995, about 100 new minerals a year for the past 15 years and included them in an Excel file called X-Dana
He has given permission to put the file on our website for all to use and download.

This is a wonderful addition and he continues to add the new minerals yearly to X-Dana

You can open the file with Microsoft Excel or get a program from Open
Click on the above file to view or download.
Field Trip Sign-up Procedures

Henceforth a sign-up sheet will be at the meetings. This allows the field trip leader the option to cancel a trip due to bad weather or lack of interest. The field trip leader will phone those members on to list if it is cancelled. Members not on the list can phone the field trip leader before the trip to verify it is still active.
Show Information 2018

Thanks to all the members that participated with the show: i.e. Ed Huskinson, publicity, displays; Gary Bolles, admission, public address, door prizes; John Sarvwatari, electrical; Deborah Rasmussen, Kid's table; Danny Schacht, haulage; John Bowen and Tom Bellman, Security; Mary Gann,Tom Bellman, John Bowen, Dick Harrington and many others general set-up as skirting, display case repairs, signs, etc.  Thanks again...........Bob Pedersen
 Click on Show-Contract.pdf next to this box for printable Vendor Application if you would like to be in the show. Contract will have all pertinent information on it. Print out and fill in blanks, mail to address on top right of contract. 
Mohave County Gemstoners
P.O. Box 3992
Kingman, AZ 86402


I/We _______________________________________________________________________________
An authorized dealer in gems, minerals, and/or related equipment and supplies, wish to acquire table space at the MCGS Annual Show. There are 8’ (standard) and 6’ tables. The table rental is $6/ foot. The City permit is $11. I would like to rent the following:
  _____each 6 foot table _____ Total linear feet x $6.00 per foot = $_____
 _____each 8 foot table _____ Total linear feet x $6.00 per foot = $_____
 City of Kingman “Special Event Permit” (not applicable for those with city permit) $_____
Total….Enclosed check covers table rental and permit $_____
This check is due February 28, 2018. Failure to remit by this date may result in forfeiture of space.

Dealer Responsibilities and Acknowledgements:
1.Dealer setup will be May 4, Friday, approximately 12 noon (after table set up) until 6:00 PM, The high school gym will be open at 7:00 AM Saturday. All setups must be complete by 9 AM when the show opens.
2.Dealers are responsible to be open during show hours: Sat. 9 to 5, Sun. 9:4, with representation in the booth during these hours.
3.Dealer agrees to cease selling at close of 4:00 PM on Sunday. The gym needs to be vacated by 6:00 PM for cleanup by club members prior to locking up.
4.Cancellation of the contract must be in writing to the show chairman. Refund will be 100% if cancellation is received by February 28, 2018.
5.Dealer will provide own insurance for during the show.
6.Dealer agrees not to sue Kingman Academy of Learning, Mohave County Gemstoners or their officers for any loss or damage to, or destruction of inventory, supplies, ore equipment. This agreement shall bind any heirs, executor administrators and assigns.
7.Gym floor is covered with a special rubberized finish. Dealers must protect the floor in their booth area.
8.Dealers using lighting are required to use compact fluorescent bulbs in their lamps.

What you list as “sale” items, is what will appear on our web site. Sales include the following:________
Business name:_______________________________________________________________________
Contact phone____________________________ Cell Phone__________________________________
E-Mail address:______________________________________________________________________
Please print names legibly for vendor badges________________________________________________ 

Kingman Academy Of Learning 
3420 North Burbank Ave 
Kingman, AZ 86409 

August 20, Mon. Show Meeting at 4:00 PM, White Cliffs Senior Living, 3600 Peterson Rd., 2nd floor.

August 21, Tues., Mineral Study Group.  At home of Ed Huskinson, 6:30 PM

August 25> Sat> Pot Luck, 4 PM to 8 PM, for members and their guest, at the home of Cat Van Kampen. Event includes: Rock Auction [bring items to auction off and money], Liar's Contest [story about your favorite rock find, bring rock/mineral specimen if possible], Potluck Dinner [bring a main dish, dessert or salad to share. Utensils, plates, napkins, Water and Soda provided. Karaoke.  Contact Cat via or 714 609 9597 to confirm attendance; directions provided at that time.
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