Our 2019 Show and how it looked:
Holbrook and Petrified Wood. We went to Frank & Rhonda Dobell's ranch and had a great time.
Fallon, Nv and the Wonderstone. Sept 27 to 29.
There was a whole lot of wide open space. When
you first arrive, it does not look like much. Sun baked rocks with desert varnish. After you start digging around and turning rocks over- you discover what is hiding.
Amazing the colors and definition. Sometimes
you find things you never expected >>>
We spent all day Saturday collecting and exploring. Tim & Dave, Donna & David went back to the site
for more Wonderstone. In the wash nearby, David was digging and came up with a beautiful agatized Petrified Wood chunk. 
Sunday we stopped at Goldfield and looked around. The town was in very
sad shape the last several years. But, as the economy got better they have
cleaned and painted and repaired a lot. We got some pics of the Glass
Bottle House that has been there since early 1900.
Alpaca Farm Days- Oct 4 to 6, at Alpacas of the Southwest.